Through monitoring activities the Portneuf Watershed Partnership seeks to increase its partner knowledge of science-based Best Management Practices and land use planning tools that will improve surface and ground water resources in the Portneuf River watershed.

Specifically we seek to:
  • Develop a better understanding of point and non-point pollutant loadings to the River
  • Meet pollutant discharge (NPDES) permit regulations
  • Support development of simulation models and TMDL plans
  • Assess compliance with water quality objectives
  • Help establish water quality objectives/standards that are required to support beneficial uses (fisheries, aquatic biota, recreation, etc.)
  • Reduce monitoring costs and improve data quality
  • Gain a better understanding of the aesthetic impacts of pollutant loadings to the River. Aesthetic measures include odor, flow, clarity, riparian habitat, and aquatic plant biomass

PWP Monitoring Synopsis